The new e-TRAM 2.0 has a public environment (catalog of procedures and processing forms), and a "private" editing environment. This environment requires EACAT permissions and roles to enter.

Once the service has been requested, you will receive information by email with the data (URL and links to the Support portal) that will allow you to access the editing environment, after assigning the service role by the user manager EACAT to be able to parameterize the procedures of your institution.

You will then need to adjust the catalog of procedures (adapting, where appropriate, the proposal of existing cards or activating new procedures in the catalog).

Specifically you will need:

A) Register EACAT within the "e-TRAM 2.0" service of the "catalog configurator" role for the users you consider.

The new e-TRAM 2.0 service improves security management, so that internal users of the catalog and forms manager of each entity must have the corresponding permissions in EACAT. Through the entity's user manager (via EACAT) the corresponding role and service can be registered.

For this purpose, the FAQ How can I assign a user the role of the e-TRAM 2.0 service is available?

B) Do the corresponding processing tests

Once the role assignment is done, you need to do any procedure from your public environment, you can see how it reaches you directly in your login which, based on your configuration of the MUX, as long as it has been parameterized, you will deliver all attachments to your registry.

IMPORTANT: in the event that the information does not reach you in a reasonable time you can contact your registration provider, and remember that the information (with all its available attachments) is available in the EACAT register of your entity (where the you can download).

C) Review the procedure catalog environment provided, and update the files that you think are appropriate.

The e-TRAM 2.0 allows you to adapt the different procedure sheets, customize their contents, change the downloadable procedure model for face-to-face processing that is offered, or create new sheets that point against existing e-TRAM 2.0 procedures (usually a generic instance).

It is also possible to redirect a procedure file against external procedures (for example link them to tax management bodies of the deputations, specific procedures of the Generalitat, AGE... or even to the entity's own procedures, in the case that it also provides us with its own platform).

Finally, also remember that if the catalog offered by e-TRAM 2.0 does not suit you, you can choose to use its own catalog of procedures (and only keep the redirections to the new 2.0 forms). How can I access the administration of the Catalog of Procedures?

You can find more details about the operation of the catalog of procedures in the section: Use of the service (e-TRAM 2.0: management of the catalog of procedures) of this same support portal.

D) Change the links on the corporate website to those of the new solution e-TRAM 2.0.

This task requires us to incorporate on your corporate website the links to the 2.0 catalog of procedures, or if applicable, to specific processing forms.

The URL of the catalog of procedures 2.0 will be informed by the AOC, but you can also find it at the foot of the electronic headquarters services or transparency portal (procedures and management). You can consult the specific FAQ: web link management, headquarters and transparency which includes examples of the tasks to be done in this regard.