To see which procedures we have available, we will need to enter the Procedures catalog.

Once inside you will see the entire set of parameterized procedures with their main characteristics:

  • Visibility , if it is visible at the level of citizens
  • Highlighted , shows the procedure as first options
  • Own procedure , being those procedures not defined by default and created by users within the catalog.
  • Personalized, identifies those default procedures that have been modified by a user.


Associated with the catalog I notice that I do not have all the procedures that I previously had in the e-TRAM 1.0 version. What can I do?

In March 2023, the e-TRAM version 2.0 catalog includes around fifty procedures.
They are mostly procedures that already existed in the previous version of e-TRAM 1.0, and in all of them the information has been greatly improved at the level of the descriptive file of the procedure (where the information fields have been expanded and the information significantly updated associated), as well as the forms (adjusting them to the latest regulations, or even expanding their content).

We are working to make new ones and cover 100% of the needs of the entities, but there are also mechanisms that will facilitate the processing from the generic instance. For more information and examples you can consult the following FAQ. I don't have all the procedures I had in the previous e-TRAM in the new version (e-TRAM 2.0). What can I do?