On November 22, 2023, a corrective deployment and improvements to the e-TRAM 2.0 service was carried out.

The main improvements are due to the increase in the offer of procedures (+6), associated mainly with works and urban planning, but also with the population register, the adaptation of the current 17 FUE procedures, and various improvements that we are now finalizing :

New procedures associated with the planning family (3)

 In this new version, one of the key elements where we have progressed has been in the increase in the range of procedures available associated with the planning family.

All the new procedures that we offer in this area have been worked on in a coordinated way both with the Provincial Council of Barcelona ( Housing Services Management, Urban Planning and Activities) , and with the team of the Business Management Office (OGE- Canal Empresa), making progress both in the definition, parameterization and provision of the following three new procedures:

  • Planning communication for the execution of works without technical responsibility
  • Planning communication for the execution of works and change of use to non-residential with technical responsibility.
  • Planning license to establish or modify the horizontal property regime

It is worth saying that these new procedures have been drawn up following the technical criteria set by the Provincial Council of Barcelona, and are based on common and complete models perfectly adapted to both the urban planning law and the standard building ordinance which is promoted by the Provincial Council of Barcelona.

In practice, they are the first result of the collaborative work we are carrying out between the Provincial Council of Barcelona, the Business Management Office and the AOC, and we hope to be able to make progress on new proposals in the coming months.

Finally, it should also be noted that these procedures have been classified as FUE (optional) procedures, as they also facilitate the communication of works that include economic activities.

New procedures associated with the family register of inhabitants (3)

Associated with the processing of the population register, in this version the following 3 procedures are added to the offer of existing procedures:

  • Modification of data in the Municipal Register of Inhabitants
  • Change of address within the same municipality
  • Flyer or coexistence certificate (current or historical)

With these three new procedures, the family of register procedures has been extended to 5 procedures in the area of available population register.

New functionality: have "draft procedures" in the catalog

A new functionality has been incorporated that allows you to view the procedures in a "draft" state within the edition of the catalog of procedures. The draft procedures are those procedure sheets that for some reason do not have the complete content and it is necessary to resume the editing of the same later. Therefore, all those files that have been saved as "DRAFT" will be displayed in the procedures catalog with a specific label. It should be remembered that to remove the DRAFT status of a procedure, you will need to enter the edition of the file and Publish it with the "PUBLICA" button.

Other notable improvements: 

  • Adequacy of Single Business Window procedures:

The 17 FUE procedures currently offered have been adjusted to the established legal and technical changes. For this reason, various improvements have been made to the files and forms of the FUE procedures that are offered by default, following the criteria indicated by the technical team of the Office of Business Management - Canal Empresa, based on their cooperative work with the local world.

  • The citizen receipt has been improved

In order to better display its content, and to correctly display the information that has been entered. In addition, it now includes the CSV to be able to verify the document. More information in the post on adding the CSV to the e-TRAM receipt.

  • Text length counters searchers and selectors to improve forms

In order to help citizens know the size of the descriptive fields (text type) a text counter has been added. They have also improved the procedures with a data selector, now a search engine is offered to make it easier for citizens.

  • Changes to downloadable forms

The downloadable forms (in DOCX format) now show the most structured and visible information, in addition to showing the "help" texts as it is in the telematic form.