e-TRAM 2.0 is the electronic processing platform promoted by the AOC, which is used by the majority of town councils, regional councils, deputations and other public bodies in Catalonia.

This solution allows electronic processing with the administration 24 hours a day and all year round without citizens or companies having to travel to the entity's physical offices.

Currently almost a thousand of us have the solution on their web portals.

e-TRAM 2.0 is free for user administrations, has a fast implementation time (less than 15 days), and has full legal and security guarantees.

e-TRAM 2.0 is an evolution of the e-TRAM 1.0 service (which was born in 2002), and among the improvements of this new version the following stand out:

Environment of citizenship

  • With e-TRAM 2.0 everything can be done from the mobile through responsive and accessible websites, with a high level of usability.
  • The screens are simpler (designed as "mobile first"), processing is faster and the principle of data minimization has been applied.
  • Of particular note is the new citizen folder ("My Space"), very agile for citizens (and with the possibility of integrating each body's own citizen folder).

Environment of public workers

  • e-TRAM 2.0 allows the self-management of the files in the catalog of procedures (as well as creating a catalog specific to each body), this fact requires having an EACAT editor user for the service, an aspect that increases the benefits in management of the security of the service.
  • the management "back-office" of e-TRAM 1.0 is removed, to facilitate a model that promotes management from the entity (from its entry registration). Now... In case of problems with your own registration, the EACAT registration includes the procedures and attached documents so that you can consult and download them.
  • Communications to citizens with e-TRAM 2.0 are based on administrative acts (communications or electronic notifications).

Finally, remember that e-TRAM 2.0 is new and is based on the technological architecture of the AOC Consortium, an aspect that makes it as easy as possible for us to deploy fixes and new developments, while increasing security and minimizing service interruptions .