The e-TRAM 2.0 procedures catalog is developed in the same standard solution of the Headquarters and Transparency portal, it follows the same management philosophy and usability and design model.

To access the management of your catalog, (and once your user has the active catalog configuration role ), you can access it in two ways:

1. From the link:

 2. You can also enter with a longer route... EACAT →APPLICATIONS AND TOOLS → GOVERNOR -e-TRAM → ACCESS, as seen in the following figure:

Once you have entered by logging in from EACAT, go to Administration and the Configuration sub-section to access the Procedures Catalog (e-TRAM 2.0) as shown in the following image:


From here you can manage your entire catalog of procedures. On the one hand the catalog of procedures that you offer, and on the other hand to modify the links, highlights and details of the cover page of Procedures and management.