Currently your registration solution acts integrated with MUX 2.0 which forces you to pass postal address by default to be able to perform the entry settlement.

On the other hand, in the forms of e-TRAM 2.0 this information is optional (following the precepts of Law 39/15, as well as the principles of data minimization).

Therefore, and only in cases where the citizen does not inform the postal data, it is necessary to incorporate by default some minimum data to be able to make the entry in your register, and specifically the Postal Code is moved by default: 12345 (which belongs to the province of Castelló), Street: Prova, 1, which is actually an unreported field (it does not appear on the receipt), but you need to move to be able to make the settlement.

This element will be like this temporarily, and until your registration is integrated with the MUX 3.0 solution (predicted for early 2024), but in practice citizens have opted for telematic notifications or communications, as indicate on the receipt.