At the level of the user entities, the new e-TRAM greatly simplifies management: it allows you to self-manage the catalog of procedures and above all it speeds up the management, because the procedures (with all their attachments) will be found by default in the registration tray of the 'ens, once the MUX DOWNLOAD acts (according to the parameterization of your registry provider).

In any case, and in its default, you will also find all the documents attached to the registration of your entity on the EACAT platform to consult it, and if necessary to download it and incorporate it manually into your registration entry You can find more information in the FAQ How the registration application works.

More services to control incidents. From EACAT record to dynamic CSV:

Although the e-TRAM 2.0 is a more robust solution than its predecessor and also has a better error communication policy, it is not infallible, so that processing errors can occasionally be generated that need to be identified.

In this sense, it could be that you occasionally have some doubt in your registration due to some settlement that does not have attachments. The first checkpoint we offer you is the EACAT record. As we mentioned previously, automatically if the processing has been carried out effectively, you will find the registration note and attachments (which you can download). This may be interesting if your integration with MUX download is giving you problems as an alternate download point (pending your provider resolving the issue).

At the same time, we also provide you with a second tool: a URL where you will find a published CSV with all the procedures correctly entered into the solution in the last 30 days: .csv

Specifically, this CSV has all the procedures of the last 30 calendar days for all entities, with the records updated 5 times a day (9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm). And includes the following fields:

  • Date of the procedure, time of the procedure, registration number, code of the entity .

To make the query you will have to search based on the code of the entity (10-digit Municat code, also known as INE10), remembering that the list only includes those procedures that have been correctly entered into the platform.

Possible results:

  1. You have a registry entry (e-TRAM 2.0 procedure). You did not receive the attached documentation and confirm that it does NOT appear in the list (CSV)

If in your registration you have an entry (and therefore registration number) that does NOT appear in the CSV list, it is a procedure that was not created correctly , and therefore implies a processing error that you must keep in mind

  • The main reason for this error is based on the process of obtaining the registration number. If the return by the entity plus the MUX processing takes a long time, an error is generated in the processing , and therefore, despite the registration number , the procedure formally did not take place.
  • In these cases, on the last screen of the e-TRAM 2.0 processing (citizenship part), an error message appears: " an error has occurred performing the entry settlement" , and it is specified that it is necessary to return to try the procedure after a few moments.
  1. You have a registry entry (e-TRAM 2.0 procedure). You do not receive the attached documentation and confirm that IF it appears in the list (CSV)

If you have an entry (and therefore registration number) in your registration that IF it appears in the CSV list, it is a procedure that has been created correctly , but which is pending for your solution register "pull" the attached documentation through the MUX download.

In this case you must first of all contact your registry provider to optimize the MUX download process. In this sense, you may have very high frequencies of predetermined times, or some specific error that does not allow you to have the documents (application, attachments...) in your registry. In this regard, remember that it may also happen that the certificate associated with your file solution has expired and does not allow you to "pull" the documentation (via MUX_DESCARREGA).

If your provider's response does not resolve the issue. you can contact us through support portal and give us more detail so that we can analyze if there is any problem in downloading documentation. Specifically, you will need to communicate to us the requests (and possibly responses) made by your supplier that include the identifiers of the MUX Download requests in order to be able to carry out the appropriate checks.

IMPORTANT: If you find yourself in this second case (and therefore the procedure was generated correctly and you saw it in the CSV), remember that until your provider resolves the incident for you, you can go to the EACAT record and dispose of them manually. It is not the most optimal but it will allow you to have all the information of the procedure immediately while the provider resolves the incident for you.

To do this you must go to "REGISTER", select e-TRAM and the data of your institution will appear.

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Select the procedure and you can download the related documentation.

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