The "Complaints, suggestions and proposals" procedure has a single page to indicate the classification of the complaint. This page can be hidden or shown through the form administration.


To be able to hide or show the classifiers of the "Complaints, suggestions and proposals" procedure, you must first of all access the list of forms of an entity. To do this, click on the " Manage forms " button of an entity in the list of entities:


Once you have accessed this option, a list will appear with all of the entity's available e-Tram 2.0 forms.


Once you are in the list of forms, you must go to the " Actions " column and click on the Edit buttonImage39.png of the "Complaints, suggestions and proposals" procedure form

Note: We recommend using the search engine to filter and find the procedure more quickly


When you access the edition of the procedure, you can modify its visibility through the "Classifier of complaints and suggestions" section.


Remember that once the option has been modified, you will need to save the changes using the "Edit" button located at the bottom left of the form editing page.


Note: Hiding or showing the classifiers only takes effect once the changes have been saved and for all those procedures carried out subsequent to the modification.