When accessing the entity administration, you will be shown a list of all the entities that you have permissions on. For each of the entities, you will be able to edit certain data and manage the forms for the procedures, using the buttons and functions:

  • Edit entity: Allows you to configure and edit different details of the entity, such as links to other portals or pages, as well as the LOPD text for all procedures.
  • Manage forms: Allows you to edit different options of the available e-Tram 2.0 forms, such as visibility and authentication level.


To edit an entity's links, click on “Edit Entity” and an entity edit page will open.

The fields to modify in the links are:

  • Procedures catalog link: Link to the procedures catalog (used in some links in the application).
  • Web portal link: Link to the web portal (used in some application links).
  • Electronic headquarters link: Link to the electronic headquarters (used in some links in the application).
  • Link to Privacy Policy: Link to the Privacy Policy (used in the LOPD text and in an application footer link).
  • Accessibility Link: Link to the accessibility page (used in an app footer link).
  • Link to citizen attention: Link to the citizen attention page (used in an application footer link).
  • Link to My Rights: Link to the "My Rights" page of the "My Space" application (used in a link in the footer of the application).


Once you have modified all the desired links, you must save the changes using the "Save" button located at the bottom of the page